Acrónimos e Abreviações Wi-Fi


802.11 is full of abbreviations and accronyms. Knowing what the abbreviations and acronyms mean will facilitate understanding wireless lan networking and related technologies.

Abbreviations and Acronyms

ACK acknowledgment
AID association identifier
AP access point

ATIM announcement traffic indication message
BSA basic service area
BSS basic service set
BSSID basic service set identification
CCA clear channel assessment
CF contention free
CFP contention-free period
CID connection identifier
CP contention period
CRC cyclic redundancy code
CS carrier sense
CTS clear to send
CW contention window
DA destination address
DBPSK differential binary phase shift keying
DCE data communication equipment
DCF distributed coordination function
DCLA direct current level adjustment
DIFS distributed (coordination function) interframe space
DLL data link layer
Dp desensitization
DQPSK differential quadrature phase shift keying
DS distribution system
DSAP destination service access point
DSM distribution system medium
ISO/IEC 8802-11: 1999(E)
DSS distribution system service
DSSS direct sequence spread spectrum
DTIM delivery traffic indication message
ED energy detection
EIFS extended interframe space
EIRP equivalent isotropically radiated power
ERS extended rate set
ESA extended service area
ESS extended service set
FC frame control
FCS frame check sequence
FER frame error ratio
FH frequency hopping
FHSS frequency-hopping spread spectrum
FIFO first in first out
GFSK Gaussian frequency shift keying
IBSS independent basic service set
ICV integrity check value
IDU interface data unit
IFS interframe space
IMp intermodulation protection
IR infrared
ISM industrial, scientific, and medical
IV initialization vector
LAN local area network
LLC logical link control
LME layer management entity
LRC long retry count
lsb least significant bit
MAC medium access control
MDF management-defined field
MIB management information base
MLME MAC sublayer management entity
MMPDU MAC management protocol data unit
MPDU MAC protocol data unit
msb most significant bit
MSDU MAC service data unit
N/A not applicable
NAV network allocation vector
PC point coordinator
PCF point coordination function
PDU protocol data unit
PHY physical (layer)
PHY-SAP physical layer service access point
PIFS point (coordination function) interframe space
PLCP physical layer convergence protocol
PLME physical layer management entity
PMD physical medium dependent
PMD-SAP physical medium dependent service access point
PN pseudo-noise (code sequence)
PPDU PLCP protocol data unit
ppm parts per million
PPM pulse position modulation
PRNG pseudo-random number generator
PS power save (mode)
RA receiver address
RF radio frequency
RSSI received signal strength indication
RTS request to send
RX receive or receiver
SA source address
SAP service access point
SDU service data unit
SFD start frame delimiter
SIFS short interframe space
SLRC station long retry count
SME station management entity
SMT station management
SQ signal quality (PN code correlation strength)
SRC short retry count
SS station service
SSAP source service access point
SSID service set identifier
SSRC station short retry count
STA station
TA transmitter address
TBTT target beacon transmission time
TIM traffic indication map
TSF timing synchronization function
TU time unit
TX transmit or transmitter
TXE transmit enable
UCT unconditional transition
WAN wide area network
WDM wireless distribution media
WDS wireless distribution system
WEP wired equivalent privacy
WM wireless medium

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