Turbo Calc


Personal software for “what if” engineering.

TurboCalc is groundbreaking software that enables you to simulate and solve a wide range of design and engineering challenges while making informed decisions. TurboCalc is especially effective in the early stages of design when you have the most questions and minimum information while conflicts are the easiest to detect and least expensive to fix.



Works with geometry in the same way as spreadsheets work with numbers.

TurboCalc combines the disciplines of sketching and calculations in a single application. With TurboCalc, you can easily associate geometry, dimensions, and calculations in a single flexible solution model that reflects the functional intents of the design. Then you can vary the parameters in the solution model to ask and receive instantaneous design decision-support information and optimal solution. Whether you wish to automate design calculations or simulate and validate your design challenges at the system level, TurboCalc will help you to get optimal answers in minutes instead of days.

Goal Seek exact geometry

With TurboCalc you can automatically backsolve design challenges that benefit from optimization against any stipulated design criteria. For example you can specify desired goals for parameters such as cost, weight, section property, length, distance, position, shape, or any other value that can be calculated or measures, and then have the computer backsolve the exact geometry to satisfy the goal automatically. The Goal Seek capability in TurboCalc takes the “error” from trial and error.

Leverage existing tools

TurboCalc is self-contained software that can be used standalone as well as a companion to Microsoft Office and all popular CAD applications.

If you can sketch it – TurboCalc can solve it.



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